Analog Output on Pynq Z2

I’m trying to create an audio visualizer with the Pynq Z2 board. The Pynq board needs to drive 3.3V logic level mosfets which in turn drive a LED light strip.

I’ve been trying to find out some way to use the GPIO on the Pynq board to drive an analog signal, but it appears that the Pynq’s GPIO can only be used to read analog voltages?

Does the Pynq Z2 have a DAC (other than the one for audio) that I could use? Any help or suggestions would be much apprecaited.


The Z2 doesn’t output analog directly. You can get PMOD DACs to do this.
We have an example of the PMod DA4

Why do you need analog for LEDs?


Thanks for the reply.

I looked into the PMOD DACs and may end up using them. The notebook you sent will be very useful!

The LED strip is RGB and I am using analog to control mosfets that regulate the voltage provided to the lightstrip LEDs. Analog allows me to smoothly transition with color fades.