Bus error when executing vart.Runner.create_runner in ZCU104 after importing xmodel file

Hi, after copying my xmodel file in the ZCU104, I tried to run a python code that imports my xmodel file to execute my model. I found the app code here: Vitis-AI-Tutorials/app_mt.py at master · Xilinx/Vitis-AI-Tutorials · GitHub
But when it reaches the line “all_dpu_runners.append(vart.Runner.create_runner(subgraphs[0], “run”))”, a “Bus error” error appears .
Why is that?

Hi there,

Can you provide a bit more info about your setup? Where are you getting the model from? I assume you are using the latest dpu-pynq and that’s where you vart comes from.

The example you are pointing at is on the Vitis AI master branch which is Vitis AI 2.0, you could try grabbing the code from the 1.4 branch to make sure it matches the dpu-pynq version.