How to make pynq image for zc706

please specifically mention your problem to help you with

i have taken bsp of xilinx provided and followed the procedure for pynq on pynq site but it dont get boot
ntg is shown while in dont get initialized while board is boot through sdcard

can u provide the screen shots and procedure u have followed for zc706.

Did you successfully finished the MAKE process?
I did exactly the same as the docs says.

Its possible. You need to have a hdf and bitstream file of the ZC706 project you have created

this is error coming while booting.

i have followd the procedure for pynq
i got the following error
while build i got bionicstage1 image and stage 2 imge .i dont know what exctly its meaning
after that got stuck with folowing error for every board i tried to make including PYNQZ1 AND PYNQZ2.

its showing the error in line 57 in make-file

wht is meaning of it can anyone explain it find the screenshot of the same the bold lines error coming

but i got the boot files BOOT.BIN and image.ub .i have used these files for boot .placed these in parttion one of sd card and other partition with the rootfs file provided pynq site * PYNQ rootfs arm v2. 5 .then i got the following error while booting

Is you PYNQ repo on your ubuntu 16 cloned, or unzipped from a downloaded zip file? Please clone the repo using git clone.

i had downloaded 2.3 as my petalinux is 2018.2 but if i clone it gives error if clone master then it get clone but while running in script file the terminal gets closed.

i need version 2.3 to clone there is no link for it

why there is effect if i have download it files are the same na

tell me the things to solve the problem.any other options any changes in scripts plz.
i m using petalinux 2018.2 and ubuntu 16 so supported pynq is 2.3

git clone
Cloning into ‘image_v2.3’…
fatal: repository ‘’ not found

This looks like a git problem (not pynq).

git clone pynq-git
cd pynq-git
git checkout -b image_v2.3 origin/image_v2.3

I would recommend to read some of the git instructions online. e.g.


I think the git command you are using is incorrect
the git clone command expects a repository address as an argument but provided a branch of that repository.
Specifically follow the instructions by the rock.

thanks it works but now i got the image file for zc706 but when i boot it ,it gives rootfs error as in pic.

After the sdbuild make process is done, you should be able to see the image under sdbuild/output folder. Use win32disk imager software, to burn the image onto your SD card. Then use the SD card to boot.

It would be easier to just read the pynq documentation on sdcard build.