Installing PYNQ packages from Host Machine to ZCU102

PYNQ v 2.4


I was wondering whether there was a way to download PYNQ packages to the host machine and then install it directly to the SD card on the board. The reason I am asking is because I can’t give internet access to the board nor use the Samba share folder due to permission issues. I was wondering whether there was an alternative way to install PYNQ packages from the host machine to the SD card on the board directly?

I am able to boot the board through Putty and can connect to Jupyter Notebook.
Appreciate the help!

Yes, you could copy and install source files to the board like you would for any other Linux device.

E.g. If a package is self contained, say a Python github repo, you can clone the repo, copy to board, and pip install on the board, run make etc. depending on the install instructions.
(You can upload zip’s through the Jupyter interface)

Why is Samba not working? If you have a permissions error with folders on the board, you can ssh as root and chmod.

Why can’t you connect to internet? If you want to ask any question about that/check options, let us know. (Perhaps open this as a new post)


Hi Cathal,

Thank you for getting back to me! That makes sense on how to install the packages. I was able to successfully access Samba through the VM, so I fixed the Samba issue. Still having issues with the internet connection, but I will open it as a new topic. Appreciate the help!