New forum format

I don’t like the new forum:

  1. cannot attach files to messages
  2. Can reply only to the latest message in a thread
  3. It is awful to navigate around
    I wouldn’t ever guessed I would regret the old one but never say never…

Hi @gpcus,

Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it, especially as everyone is trying to transition to the new forum. I understand that it can take a bit getting used to the new format. We will try our best to help you.
To address the concerns that you mentioned:
1. We have added the capability to attach/upload files, you will able to add all the file extensions that PYNQ GitHub repo allows. You can check the list here.

You should now see an upload icon in the create/reply topic window


2. You can now reply to specific posts just by clicking the Reply button under the specific post. The only exception is the parent post in the thread which adds the reply to the latest message or end of the thread
3. For navigation, Here are a couple of tips that may be useful in general.
a. To get to the major locations on the forum while browsing in a thread see e.g. below:

b. You can go to the forum homepage by clicking as shown below:

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Great job! I already used the new feature :grinning:
By the way, it wasn’t possible to attach a log extension file, I had to rename it… maybe this can be easily fixed?

You should be able to upload .log files now.


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