One of the two network interfaces of U280 is down

Hi all, after I download .xclbin of XUP to U280 (two interfaces are connected to the switch), and use the vnx-basic.ipynb to configure the FPGA, there is only one of the two network interfaces is UP.
The make command:

make all DEVICE=<full platform path> INTERFACE=<interface number> DESIGN=<design name>

The INTERFACE is set to 3, but only the fist interface is UP.

So are there other places to configure the interface that I neglected?

Hi @Yong,

Did you try connecting the Alveo interfaces to each other and checking link?
Did you try swapping the interfaces in the switch?

Do the two interfaces in the switch have the same configuration? I.e. autonegotiation and FEC


Hi @marioruiz, thanks for the suggestions.

  1. I connected two interfaces to each other, and the ‘cmac_link’ is False:

  2. I tried all of the possible interface connecting ways, and none of them work;

  3. Yes, I changed the interfaces in the switch, but it doesn’t work.

I doubt that whether there are configurations in the XUP example except the ‘INTERFACE’ that should be changed to support 2 interfaces.
Thank you.

Hi @Yong,

Can you elaborate on the result of swapping the interfaces in the switch?
Did you try swapping the cable as well?

This is the only parameter that needs changing to support 2 interfaces.

What interrace is failing in the alveo card?


Hi @marioruiz,

Sorry for not replying to you for a long time, as I sent the card to FPGA seller for card power problem (LED red).

The result of swapping the interface is:

The test plan can prove that there is no problem in the cable and the qsfp28 Tansceiver module.

The output of the script ‘vnx-basic’ is:

Link interface 0 {'cmac_link': True}; link interface 1 {'cmac_link': False}

So the problem occurs in interface 1. Are there some solutions?

Thanks a lot for your help.