Ppl build failed when making PYNQ2.4

I am making PYNQ2.4 for 7100 in wsl(ubuntu 20.04). I do not have the prebuilt bionic.arm.2.4.img, Xilinx does not provide it anymore(url (BIG-IP logout page) does not work).

PYNQ 2.4 need qemu 2.8.0, I comment out this part in checkenv.sh because My qemu is 5.2.0. My crosstool-NG version is 1.18.0

The error is “ppl install failed”:

ppl version needed is 0.11.2:

I find more details in sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/build.log

few solutions can be found in the internet, can someone help me to solve this problem

Is there a reason you are doing this for v2.4? This version is relatively old. You may find it easier to work with the latest v3.0


Someone need PYNQ2.4 to run TVM, I have successfully built v3.0 and v2.7, they do not support the latest TVM, for example, TVM still use xlnk while PYNQ use allocate since v2.6


Yan sometime user is more experience than modulator haha =]

This ERROR sound familiar:
See the follow crosstool-ng fix:

focus on the step 13 about crosstool-ng