PYNQ-Z2 power_module about TPS65400

Hello everyone, I want to know how to configure the power module in the PYNQ-Z2 development board.
According to the schematic diagram, the chip should be configured through IIC, as shown in the following figure.
Have any friends done the configuration of the chip? (I found tps65400 EVM. The configuration is a little complicated. Can I configure it with the interface on JP2? And how to configure it? )
By the way, I know the power on sequence of FPGA, but is there any

time requirement for power on ? For example, is there a requirement for the time between the first 1.0V and the upper 1.8V?

Why do you want to do this? The power regulator is pre-configured.
If you want to reprogram this, you should check for TI documentation for the chip webpage.


I want to refer to the power module of pynq to build a special FPGA board. Because the scheme occupies a small area, so I want to know the design and configuration about the power supply.