RFSoC 4x2 CLK_IN, SYNC_IN, and 1PPS ports

Hi everyone,

Can anyone explain to me what these three SMA ports are and how they can be used? I have an application where I need to wirelessly synchronize two RFSoC 4x2 boards. I saw in the literature that this can be done using a PPS signal from GPS. How can this signal be used in FPGA design on an RFSoC4x2 board? Is there any reference design that uses these SMA ports?

Thank you

There is some good information on the purpose of these ports in the RFSoC4x2 reference manual, along with some advice on how to use them. Additionally, you can have a look at the schematic to follow where these ports lead to.

Both these documents can be found here, under the resources section at the bottom of the page.