SnickerdoodleBlack + PiSmasher support

In case it is useful to anyone, I finally managed to update my snickerdoodle branch to support ethernet with the PiSmasher board – it still doesn’t support any of the more advanced functions the PiSmasher offers like audio and HDMI passthrough.

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Also I have a question for any of the more experienced PYNQ board overlay developers:

In the u-boot meta-user patches they tend to add things like the board defconfig and DTB files

However, in the PYNQ/petalinux build process it seems like u-boot configuration is not called with make pynqz2_defconfig so I don’t see a path for these files to be used. Are these .dts entries used, or is it only the ones from the BSP generation based on the hardware_project + the system_user.dtsi changes (what it seems to me)

I included analogous changes in my repository but am not sure they were required.

TL;DR: the u-boot patches for board support do not seem to do anything, just the config flags in the other files. Am I wrong, or if not, why are they included?