Targeting make for packages

Hi all,

Currently the make file for the PYNQ tools can target boot_files, sdx_sw, sysroot and bsp targets. Is there any chance that future releases might target packages. I ask as this would help the build debug process when adding new packages to the rootfs without needing to build the whole PYNQ target. The equivalent for an app target using yocto based recipes in petalinux is petalinux-build -c app.



Hi Walter

Given the way our packages work it’s tricky to work out how to build a single package work in isolation - we don’t have any explicit dependencies in our package files at present so creating the correct build environment for an out-of-context build is non-trivial.

The way I’ve generally gone about building packages is to use the STAGE2_PACKAGES and STAGE3_PACKAGES variables to develop each in turn. Stage 2 consists of things that are stable and stage 3 only the package I’m currently working on - effectively using the output of stage 2 as the build environment for stage 3 if that makes sense. This means that even though my new package is failing the iteration time is only that required to duplicate the existing root filesystem.

There may be a way to automate this to some extent giving something close to what you are suggesting but I need to think it through some more.