USB Microphone Support

Hello Everyone,

I recently acquired a PYNQ-Z2 board for a signal processing project and am running image v2.7.
The project involves the usage of multiple microphones, and therefore I plan on using a USB hub with microphones connected to it.

My understanding is that I need a module called “snd_usb_audio” to get the microphones working, which can be done by installing a few ALSA packages as described here :Matrix:Module-usb-audio - AlsaProject. It appears that my board already has an ALSA driver installed (“Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version k5.4.0-xilinx-v2020.2”), but not the additional packages required such as alsa-lib, firmware, and utils.

I wanted to get an idea if installing those packages would the right way to approach this issue, or perhaps there’s a better way more specific to the PYNQ?

Thank you,

The USB Microphone will be controlled by the OS which is based on Ubuntu, so installing the packages in the usual way for Ubuntu is the right way to go.