Can't find PYNQ-Computer Vision Vivado Project

I have gotten the Xilinx Pynq Computer vision overlay example working on my Pynq-Z2. Now I want to go into the HW design in Vivado but I cant find any vivado projects anywhere.

I found some TCL scripts at a forked repo. There is a bare_hdm.tcl TCL file which after some time and many errors I was able to build the Vivado project and generate the bitstream myself.
There is also a xv2Filter2DDialate.tcl and xv2Filter2DRemap.tcl TCL file. I tried first to build the block design for the Filter2DDialate one but am failing because it can’t find a custom IP called axis_ic2sgdma. I cannot find this IP anywhere and am stuck. There are also a bunch of other custom IP I cant find.


This project is not longer maintained by the owners. I suggest you check out the composable video pipeline.