Instant Replay with PYNQ at 1080p 60 fps

Hi everyone

I’m considering the PYNQ to build an instant replay for my sports stream. What I’m thinking is:

  1. 1080p 60 fps HDMI input
  2. incoming hdmi input is recorded in 5 seconds long videos and saved as 1080p 30 fps (to enable slow motion at half speed)
  3. at request the last 5 seconds video recorded (which is a 10s slowmotion video) is played via the HMDI output using ffmpeg (at this point the recording can be stopped).
  4. returns to point 1)

I was wondering if the PYNQ would manage this and especially I’m looking for something that can record at 1080p 60 fps.

thank you in advance for your comments.

A couple of questions.

I did not understand your requirement of instant replay on this kind of embedded board. What purpose will it serve? There are normal processor boards to do this.

pynq can manage it if you code the hdmi interface well. It depends more on the designer rather than the hardware.

Hi @vedig ,

Perhaps this thread will provide some insights Recording video in a fast manner - #2 by marioruiz

What board are you planning to use?


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an HDMI recorder costs around 700 $ for one HDMI channel. I might need 5-8 of those. Also having the HDMI output would enable me to use it as a passthrough in some cases.

exactly. the idea is to keep in memory only the last 10 seconds of the video input and to store them once the user calls for the replay.

I have tried with the raspberry pi 4 B using first open CV and then ffmpeg but it did not work for frame rates around 40-60 FPS.

I was thinking at the PYNQ-Z2 but maybe you have a better suggestion.

If the Raspberry pi 4 does not provide that frame rate, you won’t get it with the Pynq-Z2 either as the processor is less powerful and clocked at lower frequency. On top of that, 1080p is outside of the specs of that part.

Perhaps you can try with Pynq-ZU or ZCU104.

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