Pynq DPU in Ultra96 basic steps


I downloaded the new Pynq 2.7 image for ultra96v2.
After that, following the Pynq-DPU instructions

I installed successfully (at least no errors):
pip3 install pynq-dpu --no-build-isolation

In next step (download the notebooks)
pynq get-notebooks pynq-dpu -p .
Fails with following message:

Any idea or Suggestion?
Any ultra96v2 user that had tested and succeed?

Best Regards, GS

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HI @gustandil,

I think is best if you run these steps from the Jupyter Labs terminal, as discussed in this thread

pynq is installed in a virtual environment since the SD card image 2.7.

In this case PYNQ-DPU is not being installed in the virtual environment which seems to be the problem


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Hi Mario!

You have right. It works!
I run from the Jupyter Labs terminal and everything goes smoothly.

Best Regards, Gustavo

P.S. I suggest adding the advice in Pynq-DPU instructions.