Tensorflow installation for PYNQ Z2

Can anyone guide me how to install TensorFlow 2.1 or greater on PYNQ Z2.

Have you searched for other posts on the forum?:

In general when you are trying to install software for a Zynq device you first need to check if you are using the 1st Gen Zynq ARM A9 or 2nd Gen Zynq Ultrascale+ ARM A53.
Most software is compiled for x86 so this may be the first problem - that a compiled version isn’t available. As Zynq uses ARM processors it is worth checking if something is available for RaspberryPi as RPIs are using ARM processors too.

If you don’t find anything you can reuse, your last option is to build from source. This is going to be most difficult if/when you run into problems - you’ll usually need to work through these on your own.