Can't import keras in jupyter

I install the keras in my pynq-z1,I install success in the pynq linux, and i can import keras using the cmd, like this image .but when i import it in jupyter, it shows no module named keras.
the version of python is 3.5.1+,and and the pynq image is 2.1.waiting for your reply.

The jupyter is using python3.6 kernel while your command line is using python3.5.

yeap, I found this, and i’m trying do this with image_2.5, i can install keras on the image 2.5 pynq, but it still cannot install tensorflow.

It is not easy to install tensorflow. The only success I had was to install tensorflow lite. For armv7 like your pynq-z1, tensorflow has to be bootstrapped from bazel build. There are quite a bit hacks that you need to do to make sure they build successfully.

that sounds hard to do it, i will try more to install it.