Clear PCAP_PR (bit 27) in the PS device configuration control register (DEVCFG CTRL, address 0xF8007000)

Hello there,

  • Linux image: PYNQ V2.5
  • Board: TUL PYNQ-Z2

I would like to use SEM IP for PYNQ, controlling the Error injections with the PS part of the Zynq using Jupiter Notebook.

But I should clear the PCAP_PR bit in the PS device configuration, in order to transfer the configuration memory injection to SEM IP using ICAP. (Page 57, PG036)

How could I clear/ set this bit from linux? What files should I modify in order to modify this bit?

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If you know the register address, you can probably use the Register() class from pynq package. We use the same class to configure clock registers as well.

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Thank you Rock for your reply!

It seems to work. Now I will try to integrate with my application.

If someone is facing the same problem: