Connecting Pynq Z2 to wifi


So I am having trouble connecting the board to wifi. I have tried the ethernet cable from laptop to board and using wifi, i tried bridging connection but in the end I end up with unidentified network and then no internet.

I have also tried connecting the board to router and then doing the http:// but it is still not working.

I am out of ideas as I have already looked up the tutorials on how to connect the board to wifi and such. Any help or clue on how to get this board started so i can used Jupyter notebook?

CAn you detail the steps you have taken, and what the problem is at each step?

E.g. can you connect to the board via Ethernet and log in to Jupyter?

When you can’t connect with other methods, can you connet to the board at all - e.g. ping, or get to the Jupyter log-in prompt, or can you not see the board ont he network at all?

Same questions when connected to the router.


okay, so the board is directly connected to my laptop which is an Asus. The USB connection and the Ethernet is going from laptop to board. The microSD card is already inserted and the board is able to boot up when turned on.
I assign the static IP address, then I bridge the connection between the wifi and ethernet but then the bridged connection does not work, “unidentified network” so then i diagnose the connection and the result is “Network bridge does not have a valid IP address”
Sometimes the network bridge does work and I am connected to the internet but then I cannot load the page
another result is that while trying to bridge "An unexpected error occurred while configuring the network bridge.

So the problem is I cannot get to the jupyter notebook login.

From what I remember after trying this on Windows 7 or 10, bridging the network connections creates a new network and will serve a DHCP IP address to the board (so you no longer connect to the static IP
If you are having problems with bridging network connection, this is not a PYNQ specific issue. Try google for answers.

I don’t find bridging network connections to be a good solution. If your board needs WiFi, I would suggest buying a supported USB WiFi dongle.
If you only need internet intermittently, I would suggest plugging it in to your router, and accessing it in this way when you need internet.


If I can chime in real quick, found a (hopefully) helpful post on reddit

give it a go.

As @cathalmccabe pointed out though, the error is unfortunately related to your setup and not PYNQ or the board. I have seen first-hand that Windows 10 is really bad with network sharing in general (printers, bridging, etc…). If that’s the OS you have, that is most likely the cause.
I am sorry we cannot really be of help here.