Create custom or retrain existing neural network for PYNQ?

I’m attempting to design a neural network using my own set of input data. I don’t mind using an existing network, just having the ability to train a new one. I’ve been exploring the QNN overlays for the PYNQ but it’s not clear to me where I should start looking to generate my own QNN weights.

I’ve been using this as reference:

Is there a way to create a new model or retrain an existing one? I’ve looked into generating a model through tensorflow but this may not deploy correctly.


The repo you have referenced is based upon the FINN project, which is a really interesting project from a team of the Xilinx Research Labs.
Since the kind of help you are asking is more orthogonal to PYNQ, and related to how to use FINN, I would suggest you to redirect your question to the team beyond it.
You may want to check out their resources (from the website I linked) and as last resort open an issue on their github!
Hope this helps.