Digital input on PYNQ-Z1

I am trying to control Servo Motors using the PYNQ-Z1.
For this, I need to generate a certain PWM and convert it to analog input using a PWM to analog converter. I am using the PMODA port for doing so.
Along with that, I also need to get encoder feedback using Digital input. For doing so, I am using the GPIO pins right above the PMOD ports. The specific pin being used is IO11 as input. In order to test it, I am inserting the PWM output to check whether pin 11 is taking the digital input. However, it doesn’t seem to be working.
What are some of the ways in which I can check the digital input and record it?


This post may be of use. Servo Motor control using PYNQ-Z1

Can you explain what you have done so far? If you have code or a notebook, can you share it?