Display jpg, png, bmp etc

part 1: looking for an example to show a bmp or simular all i am finding is streaming etc

part 2: api to daw lines and circles in that image or on screen

another example would be to show a plot from matlab

on the hdmi out

HDMI uses a framebuffer. You can find a notebook example that shows how to manipulate the framebuffer here:

I’m not sure about an API or the best way to do this, and it probably depends on exactly what you want to do and if performance is a critical criteria.
If you search for ways to do this in Python you’ll probably find lots of suggestions. OpenCV may work for you. It is used in the example notebook.
You probably mean how to show a plot from Matplotlib, or some other plotting package.
Unless you have to use Matplotlib, you might find plotly performance is better. You can export to static image, so you could use this to output to the HDMI.
There may be better ways to do this so I’d suggest you do your own background research on this.
It would be great if you could post back your findings.