Error During Creation of PYNQ SD Related to gcc-mb build

I’m trying to create an SD image for the ZCU102 board, but the MAKE process fails because it can’t download isl-0.20.tar.xz from .
I had a look and this server is indeed unavailable. I found a mirror here: but as the config file is being generated or Imported during the MAKE run, modifying CT_ISL_MIRRORS in sdbuild/build/gcc-mb is futile.

I’m using 2020.1 Xilinx tools with PYNQ 2.6

I’m going to attach the log in a comment as I’m limited to 2 links due to being a new member

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Here is the log file from sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/build.log (attached as a file due to links limitation). The relevant log starts from line 1667 of the (96.3 KB)

Managed to solve it by manually downloading and placing isl-0.20.tar.gz and isl-0.20.tar.xz from to PYNQ/sdbuild/gcc-mb/.build/tarballs

Hope it will help someone in the future