Pynq v2.7 gcc-mb: git ref releases/gcc-9.2.0 download failed

For PYNQ image 2.7 build I encountered a few download errors for building the Pynq-Z2 board (want to try on another board later on), on a Ubuntu-18.04 build host OS. I fixed a few, but am stuck on following download error:
[ERROR] Failed to find git ref releases/gcc-9.2.0 at git://

How can I fix or patch this?

Details below:

The download errors all happen in the gcc-mb build step:
isl-0.20.tar.gz and expat-2.4.1.tar.bz2 download links fail, and can easily be fixed by preloading them and putting them in PYNQ/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/.build/tarballs/ folder.

By fixing these the build proceeds further: up till I get following error:
[DEBUG] Package iterator: set custom_location=’’
[DEBUG] Package iterator: set patch_order=‘global’
[DEBUG] Package iterator: run CT_DoFetch
[ERROR] Failed to find git ref releases/gcc-9.2.0 at git://
[ERROR] >>
[ERROR] >> Build failed in step ‘Retrieving needed toolchain components’ tarballs’
[ERROR] >> called in step ‘(top-level)’
[ERROR] >>

See build log:
build.log (100.6 KB)

I found a fix:

It seems that git fails to download from git://
Using a mirror instead solves the problem:

This can be done by changing the CT_GCC_DEVEL_URL setting(s):

in following files (maybe the packages are sufficient at start of the build)





Hi there,

Thanks for coming back with a fix! Unfortunately, packages get updated and links break after a release has been out for a while, which is why we always recommend using the board agnostic image in the sdbuild flow.


Thanks for recommending the pre-made board agnostic images, Shawn!!
I’ll use these instead of doing a full build.

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