Error when loading overlay with AXI to APB bridge

Dear all,

We wrote an overlay (PYNQ 2022.1), which contains the AXI4 to APB bridge. When loading the overlay, we get the error message:

UnexpectedPortTypeError: Expected cpu:apb_io_bridge_wrapper_0[block]:APB_IN[port] to be SubordinatePort when assigning base address

Other custom overlays work without problems. We also changed the name of the port from APB_IN to APB_S, but the error remains the same.

The address map in Vivado does not show any problems, all the addresses are unique.

Thanks a lot!

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you can try uninstall pynqmetadata, git clone GitHub - Xilinx/PYNQ-Metadata: PYNQ-Metadata provides an abstract description of reconfigurable system designs. and install pynqmetadata, this works for me.
make sure Bugfix for over protective address mapping by STFleming · Pull Request #18 · Xilinx/PYNQ-Metadata · GitHub is in your branch, right now it’s on main branch, not on v0.1.7

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remove exception is not enough, should add APB port into parser, otherwise can’t see the hardware which using APB as iinterface.


Great, thanks a lot! We will try and let you know!

Great, thanks a lot for your help!
Now it works without any problems! Have a great day!

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