Failed to install new packages in Jupyter in PYNQ-Z@

How to install new python packges related to machine learning?Some very common packages like sklearn etc. are not working.pip command also not working.Please guide how to resolve this problem

First, make sure you use the “pip3” command to install.

You need to remember that the board you are using is using an ARM 32 bit (zynq) or 64 bit (Zynq MPSoC), so the package you are installing needs to support this architecture.

Zynq boards typically have smaller amounts of DRAM (e.g. 512 MB on PYNQ-Z1/Z2) and are booting from an SD card, so you need to make sure the package you are trying to install meets the memory and diskspace constraints of the card you are using.

If a pre-built package is not available, you make by able to install from source on the board, but again, you should pay attention to memory and diskspace.


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Hi,you pointed out correctly but when I install using command pip3 install sklearn in the terminal gets stuck in the line mentioned below,and it remains like that for hours and nothing happening
Running bdist_wheel for sci-kit-learn.

Anyone please guide how to resolve it

I have tried on pynq-z1 and zcu104 for image v2.4. They both install (with some long time)

e.g. on pynq-z1

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