Generic pynq image for different devices

hello, I am new to Pynq. Given that the Zybo-Z7-10 and Zybo-Z7-20 are widely pin compatible and device trees and bitfiles can be loaded with overlays, it might be a good idea to create a generic image for both.

Note that one uses the Zynq-7010 while the other Zynq-7020. Is it possible to create a pynq image for different devices?

Has Pynq already be ported to one of the Zybo boards that I can use for starters?

thank you

I think if you google around there are dyi project that already ported PYNQ to the Zybo.
There also a page on the process on our documentation website here. Also, you can take as example the Ultra96 repo for structuring your own: