How to contact uart in pynq‘s ardinuo or PMOD interface?

Hello, I want to use uart in pynq, it is okey to use uart in rpi interface, but how could we use it in ardunio or pmod?

For the Arduino interface, you can use the MicroblazeLibrary class to create a wrapper object in Python that exposes the functions implemented in the PYNQ UART API (in ‘uart.c’). Here’s a very basic example of its usage:

from pynq import Overlay
from pynq.lib import MicroblazeLibrary

UART_RXD = 0 ## Arduino pin 0 is RXD
UART_TXD = 1 ## Arduino pin 1 is TXD

base = Overlay(‘base.bit’)
lib = MicroblazeLibrary(base.iop_arduino, [‘uart’])
uart = lib.uart_open(UART_TXD, UART_RXD)

read_command = [0xDE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF]
uart.write(read_command, len(read_command)) ## Write an iterable list of bytes

response = [0x00] * 4, 4) ## Request a 4-byte response


I don’t believe either of the two Pmod PYNQ Microblaze IOPs have an AXI controller for UART, so Pmod UART may not be supported.