How to handle interrupt without using a controller

PYNQ 2.6
Board: Custom

Is there a method to service irq_fp2(0) without using Xilinx IP?

I have irq_fp2(0) connected in the PL from an EMIO pin for testing and I do see the ‘fabric’ interrupt trigger when I run cat /proc/interrupts. The PYNQ Interrupt class requires a, “Fully qualified name of the pin in the block diagram of the for ${cell}/${pin}.” but so far I haven’t been able to fake it to get the right pin.

Thanks in advance!


This is majorly related to PetaLinux setting rather than PYNQ itself.
Please go to Xilinx forum.

However, this is a common mistake when your image built is not modifying the DTSI or DTB correctly or the # you had enter is wrong.