I need a mechanical diagram of RFSoC2x2

Our lab has the board linked below.


I need a mechanical diagram of the PCB, (not the schematic). Or I need a CAD file of the PCB. I need one or both of those files for the purposes of the design of a custom enclosure. I have searched for hours and been unable to find it.

The diagram is most likely contained in a Xilinx “User Guide” . The following link should have had this file, but the link is wrong and it leads to a User Guide on the HTG-ZRF8, which is a completely different board.


Does anyone know where I might find a diagram or a CAD file for this 2x2 board?

Okay I found this diagram, but this useless for my purposes. I need exact millimeter distances to the center of the holes for the standoffs.


The above occurs on page 10 of this document :


I already contacted HiTechGlobal support, and they sent me to Xilinx University Program which in turn has documentation that links here. The following website appears to have documentation, but all of the documents there are diagrams of the IC’s themselves, not the PCB boards.


The Xilinx University support page has a redirect for technical questions, which literally links to this exact forum. I am in the right place.


We (PYNQ/XUP team) don’t have these files. You would only be able to get them from the board vendor HiTech global.


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