Installing Keras on PYNQ

I want to build a Neural Network project on PYNQ-Z1 board. Need help installing Keras package for that.
Is there a specific set of commands for that?

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Did you try this?


I tried pip3 install Keras, but it was getting stuck on Building wheel for SciPy.

If you expect someone to help, you should try to provide as much information as you can about your setup, the problem, what you have already tried, details about the problem(s) you encountered and any other relevant info.


Yes I understand it.
I tried pip3 install Keras and it started collecting the packages for scipy, pyyaml and h5py. However, after running for 1 and a half hours or so, it got stuck on building SciPy.

Some of the packages may be too large to install on arm system. You’d better look for a working case on an arm processor first (like if anyone succeed in installing those packages on raspberry pi, etc.).

There might be someone who tried this before on z1 but I can hardly remember.