Interval between two SPI transfer

hi there,

i’m now using SPI from PYNQ-Z2 PMOD interface and i’m using PYTHON in jupyter nootbook.

i found that there is a big gap between two spi tranfer, and it’s about over 2ms. and i have to read too much data from device via spi, so it takes much much more time than it should. by the way, those data are all correctly transfered.

here is my test python code:

buf_wdata = bytearray(16)
buf_rdata = bytearray(16)

while (True):
    a = np.array(buf_wdata,dtype='uint8')
    b = np.array(buf_rdata,dtype='uint8')
    device_spi.transfer(a, b, 16)

you will find there is about over 2miliseconds between two device_spi.transfer(a, b, 16), i show you screenshot from oscilliscope. (it’s an image of SPI CLK pin)

so how can i remove this super big interval between two spi transfer?

anybody can help me? thanks a lot!

Are you using this code

or are you using your own spi driver?