JTAG booting: how to get device tree binary?

This is my first post, I’ve just bought Pynq-z2 board.
I want to boot pynq-z2 image without SD card.

  1. place rootfs in NFS
  2. place kernel in TFTP
  3. load u-boot bootloader using JTAG

For steps 1,2 there is some info in “Petalinux with Root NFS and Kernel on TFTP server” : Tutorial 06: Petalinux with Root NFS and Kernel on TFTP server - YouTube
For step 3: Booting Embedded Linux on Zynq-7000 SoC from JTAG using the XSCT | by Çağlayan DÖKME | Medium

Question: for step 3, “Device Tree binary” file is mentioned as needed, is it possible to extract it from official pynq image?
I want to recompile as little as possible. There were some info in previous posts, but none had complete information. It is easy to find uboot, kernel and rootfs in pynq image file, just mount it, but I don’t know where to find device tree binary.

What do you think, is it feasible to boot pynq-z2 image over JTAG with rootfs over NFS?

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