Keyerror of axigpio

board : pynq-z2
version : v2.5

I try to use axi gpio to control my design, the block diagram is showed below:

My code is below:

Are there something wrong in my design or code?

Hi @leonard,

What is the output of overlay.ip_dict?


HI! Thank for your reply.
I’m not sure. I follow the example code from AxiGPIO — Python productivity for Zynq (Pynq) v1.0

Can you please run that on your jupyter notebook after you create the Overlay object?

Report the output please.

Hi! I try to use another M_AXI_GP in PS side, the block diagram is showed below:

The code can run at this condition, but I don’t know why.

I think the overlay.ip_dict is to choose the IP in my design.
Can I use axi gpio to control my IP at the same M_AXI_GP in PS side?

Yes you can.

Without having access to the design or the output of overlay.ip_dict, I can’t tell where the problem is in the first design. Perhaps, the address was not assigned.


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Hi ! I rebuild the design and it works! Thanks for your reply!