Kria-PYNQ v3.0 release -- now with KR260 support


Dear PYNQ users,

Kria-PYNQ now officially supports the KR260 Robotics Stater Kit, the latest Ubuntu 22.04 release, and PYNQ v3.0.

In total the following Kria kits are supported:

  • Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit.
  • Kria KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit.

Each device comes with some example Overlays to get started.

  • DPU-PYNQ (v2.5) [GitHub] [PYPI]
    This overlay contains a Vitis-AI 2.5.0 Deep Learning Processor Unit (DPU) and comes with a variety of notebook examples with pre-trained ML models.
    Supported boards: KV260, KR260

  • Composable Pipeline (v1.1 soft-release) [GitHub]
    The Composable pipeline is an overlay with a novel and clever architecture that allow us to adapt how the data flows between a series of IP cores.
    Supported boards: KV260

  • PYNQ-Helloworld [GitHub] [PYPI]
    One of PYNQ’s first overlays, the PYNQ-Helloworld overlay includes an image resizer block in programmable logic. This overlay demonstrates a simple but powerful use of programmable logic HLS blocks to do image processing.
    Supported boards: KV260, KR260

  • Base Overlay [GitHub]
    This overlay includes support for the KV260’s Raspberry Pi camera and PMOD interfaces. A Digilent Pcam 5C camera can be attached to the KV260 and controlled from Jupyter notebooks. Additionally, a variety of Grove and PMOD devices are supported on the PMOD interface - all controllable from a Xilinx Microblaze processor in programmable logic.
    Supported boards: KV260

There is also already community designs available for the KR260, such as the KRIA-Motor-Control from MakarenaLabs.

We always appreciate your engagement and continued contributions. Please use the PYNQ discussion forum to discuss and report any issue.


PYNQ team