Libdrm-xlnx-amdgpu1 package conflict on KV260 Ubuntu image

I’m trying to set up PYNQ on a KV260 devkit and noticed a problem with the libdrm-xlnx-amdgpu1 package. The script in GitHub - Xilinx/Kria-PYNQ, runs successfully to completion but libdrm-xlnx-amdgpu1 conflicts with libdrm-amdgpu1 and prevents an apt update/upgrade from running. Additionally, if apt update/upgrade is run before trying to use the PYNQ install script, the install script fails due to this conflict. There’s more info on my github issue: package dependency problem · Issue #6 · Xilinx/Kria-PYNQ · GitHub

This can be reproduced by loading the SD-card image available online (iot-kria-classic-desktop-2004-x03-20211110-98.img.xz) and then running

sudo snap install xlnx-config --classic
git clone
cd Kria-PYNQ/
sudo bash
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Just wondering if there’s a known resolution to this. To be fair the PYNQ notebooks are usable, but having broken packages is bound to cause other problems. Thanks.

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For future readers, this was solved by purging debs to allow apt upgrades by schelleg · Pull Request #8 · Xilinx/Kria-PYNQ · GitHub