New Overlays, and PYNQ HATS :-)

Five new projects have been added to the community recently from university groups in China.

  • PL Camera- OV5640 on PYNQ-Z2

    In this PYNQ Overlay, picture is captured from an OV5640 camera which is connected to PL side, and several accelerated image processing algorithms are implemented in this Overlay, you can choose which algorithm is enabled without downloading a new bitstream.

  • Spiking neural network overlay
    This system consists of PyNN brain-like framework, NEST simulator, PYNQ framework, FPGA neurons and STDP hardware modules.

  • CC-Cam, a diffuser camera
    With a scattering media in front of the imaging sensor, this lensless camera reconstructs the images of real scenes by scattering imaging technology. The PYNQ-Z2 is used to build a compact system with the integration of PSF calibration, raw image capture, reconstruction acceleration and user interaction.

  • PYNQ respeaker HAT and PYNQ sense HAT

    These two projects are based on Pi HATS, or should that be PYNQ HATS? :slight_smile:

Pi HATS (Hardware Attached on Top) are add-on boards for the Raspberry Pi. The PYNQ-Z2 board includes a compatible connector allowing Pi HATS to be used with PYNQ to extend the functionality of the system. Respeaker HAT and Sense HAT are two popular HATs in the RPi community, and the two examples show how to connect these HATs with PYNQ-Z2 board.

These HATS can be used by PYNQ developers to design their IoT, cloud and edge smart speaker, robotics and other innovative applications.

Check out these projects from the links above, or browse all projects on the community webpage. Zynq and RFSoC projects are now under the embedded section.

If you have a project you would like to add to PYNQ community, please reply to this post!