No incoming video signal detected ; Pynq Z1

I have a GoPro camera connected to the Pynq Z1 at 720p, 30 fps, when I try and run the notebook : /notebooks/capture_hdmi_display_notebook_hdmi.ipynb , I get this error :
LookupError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
6 hdmi_in =
7 print(‘Success’)
----> 8 hdmi_in.configure()
9 hdmi_out.configure(hdmi_in.mode)

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pynq/lib/video/ in configure(self, pixelformat)
106 self._color.colorspace = pixelformat.in_color
107 self._pixel.bits_per_pixel = pixelformat.bits_per_pixel
–> 108 self._hdmi.start()
109 input_mode = self._hdmi.mode
110 self._vdma.readchannel.mode = VideoMode(input_mode.width,

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pynq/lib/video/ in start(self, init_timeout)
77 self._capture = pynq.lib._video._capture(gpio_dict,
78 vtc_capture_addr,
—> 79 init_timeout)
81 def stop(self):

LookupError: _video._capture initialization failed [1]: No incoming video signal detected

Is GoPro camera using HDMI port? We have not tried that but the HDMI camera should work. Have you tried to use lower resolution? Have you tried to use laptop source first as a starting point?

Yes, I’ve tried both the camera and a laptop at a resolution of 720p. What could be the cause of this problem ?

Are you sure the output of the laptop is set properly?

The cause is clearly stated in the error: “No incoming video signal detected”

Assuming the board is working correctly, either there is no incoming video signal, or it is in a format that the board can’t understand. Have you tried other resolutions with the laptop? HAve you any other source you can try?


The source is perfect. In fact I’ve tried the same with pynq z2 board but i get the exact same error still. I’ve tried setting my laptop to 800x600 resolution and all the way up to 1920x1080. Nothing seems to work.

If you have tried on both boards and you are getting the same error, then it’s probably something you are doing/not doing. I doubt both boards are faulty, and if that’s happening also with your laptop, it’s unlikely an incompatibility issue with the GoPro.

Let’s try and get the laptop to work first since that is a use case we actually tested extensively on multiple boards and we are sure it works. Did you enable the “display” in your laptop settings? In windows e.g. once you connect the board through HDMI, in some cases you need to go to the screen settings and manually enable that “display” or PYNQ won’t be able to detect the source.
Also, silly question, did you make sure you are using the correct HDMI_in port?