Porting PYNQ onto Eclypse-Z7 board


I’m trying to port PYNQ (3.0.1) onto a Digilent Eclypse-Z7 board using Ubuntu-20.04 (Virtualbox 7.0) and Xilinx tools 2022.1 (Following the ReadTheDocs - PYNQ SD Card Image chapter).
But it always ends with an error, see below, can somebody shine some light on it?

  • Used the Digilent examples to create a hardware design and a Petalinux Linux OS.

  • Created from the hardware a .bit and .xsa file and created from the OS a BSP file.

  • Cloned PYNQ from github

    • In the PYNQ directory created a sub-directory digilent and in there a directory for the Eclypse board (Eclypse-Z7)
    • Copied the Eclypse-Z7.bsp file here.
    • Made as “/base” directory holding the .bit file
    • Made a “/petalinux_bsp/hardware-project” directory holding a copy of the .xsa file
  • Created a Eclypse-Z7.spec file with content:

    - ARCH_Eclypse-Z7 := arm
        BSP_Eclypse-Z7 := Eclypse-Z7.bsp
        BITSTREAM_Eclypse-Z7 := /base/design_1_wrapper.bit
        FPGA_MANAGER_Eclypse-Z7 := 1
        STAGE4_PACKAGES_Eclypse-Z7 := xrt pynq ethernet pynq_peripherals sdcardshrink precached_metadata

    In “/PYNQ/sdbuild/prebuilt” copied the “pynq_rootfs.arm.tar.gz” and “pynq_sdist.tar.gz” files
    These files are renamed files (jammy… & pynq…) downloaded from the Pynq web site.

Before running make, I ran /PYNQ/sdbuild/scripts/setup_host.sh to get everything PYNQ needs in place (crosstool-ng & qemu).
When running: make BOARDDIR=/home/myself/Projects/PynqOnEclypse/PYNQ/digilent the build starts but ends in:

[INFO] Generating Kconfig for project
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/myself/Projects/PynqOnEclypse/PYNQ/sdbuild/build/Eclypse-Z7/petalinux_project/components/yocto/layers/meta-xilinx/meta-xilinx-core/gen-machine-conf/gen-machineconf”, line 483, in
ret = main()
File “/home/myself/Projects/PynqOnEclypse/PYNQ/sdbuild/build/Eclypse-Z7/petalinux_project/components/yocto/layers/meta-xilinx/meta-xilinx-core/gen-machine-conf/gen-machineconf”, line 458, in main
get_hw_description(args, hw_flow)
File “/home/myself/Projects/PynqOnEclypse/PYNQ/sdbuild/build/Eclypse-Z7/petalinux_project/components/yocto/layers/meta-xilinx/meta-xilinx-core/gen-machine-conf/gen_config.py”, line 703, in get_hw_description
run_cmd(cmd, output, args.logfile, shell=True)
File “/home/myself/Projects/PynqOnEclypse/PYNQ/sdbuild/build/Eclypse-Z7/petalinux_project/components/yocto/layers/meta-xilinx/meta-xilinx-core/gen-machine-conf/gen_config.py”, line 599, in run_cmd
raise Exception(‘\n%s\n%s’ %

package require xsdb FAILED:
error loading hsi package: couldn’t load file “libxv_commontasks.so”: libtinfo.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
while executing
“error “error loading hsi package: $msg””
invoked from within
“if { [catch {
package require hsi
package require hsi::utils
namespace eval hsi {namespace import ::common::*}
namespace eval hsi {nam…”
(file “/opt/PetaLinux/tools/xsct/scripts/xsct/xsdb/xsdb.tcl” line 12029)
invoked from within
“source /opt/PetaLinux/tools/xsct/scripts/xsct/xsdb/xsdb.tcl”
(“package ifneeded xsdb 0.1” script)
ERROR: Failed to run gen-machineconf
ERROR: Failed to generate plnxconf setup for project
make: *** [Makefile:410: /home/myself/Projects/PynqOnEclypse/PYNQ/sdbuild/build/Eclypse-Z7/petalinux_project] Error 255

From all the terminal output it looks as if the make tool reads the supplied BSP information and then starts to rebuild a Linux OS.

Can somebody provide a hint or solution about what’s going wrong?

Many thanks in advance