PYNQ image creation for custom board mb-gcc failed

Now configured for “arm-linux-gnueabihf,microblazeel-xilinx-elf”
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb’

  • ct-ng build
    make[1]: Entering directory ‘/home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb’
    [INFO ] Performing some trivial sanity checks
    [WARN ] Number of open files 1024 may not be sufficient to build the toolchain; increasing to 2048
    [INFO ] Build started 20200407.204611
    [INFO ] Building environment variables
    [ERROR] Missing: ‘arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc’ or ‘arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc’ or ‘gcc’ : either needed!
    [ERROR] >>
    [ERROR] >> Build failed in step ‘(top-level)’
    [ERROR] >>
    [ERROR] >> Error happened in: CT_Abort[scripts/functions@487]
    [ERROR] >> called from: main[scripts/]
    [ERROR] >>
    [ERROR] >> For more info on this error, look at the file: ‘build.log’
    [ERROR] >> There is a list of known issues, some with workarounds, in:
    [ERROR] >>
    [ERROR] >>
    [ERROR] >> NOTE: Your configuration includes features marked EXPERIMENTAL.
    [ERROR] >> Before submitting a bug report, try to reproduce it without enabling
    [ERROR] >> any experimental features. Otherwise, you’ll need to debug it
    [ERROR] >> and present an explanation why it is a bug in crosstool-NG - or
    [ERROR] >> preferably, a fix.
    [ERROR] >>
    [ERROR] >> NOTE: You configuration uses non-default patch sets. Please
    [ERROR] >> select ‘bundled’ as the set of patches applied and attempt
    [ERROR] >> to reproduce this issue. Issues reported with other patch
    [ERROR] >> set selections (none, local, bundled+local) are going to be
    [ERROR] >> closed without explanation.
    [ERROR] >>
    [ERROR] >> If you feel this is a bug in crosstool-NG, report it at:
    [ERROR] >> github/crosstool-ng/crosstool-ng/issues/
    [ERROR] >>
    [ERROR] >> Make sure your report includes all the information pertinent to this issue.
    [ERROR] >> Read the bug reporting guidelines here:
    [ERROR] >>
    [ERROR] (elapsed: 0:02.43)
    [00:04] / /opt/crosstool-ng/bin/ct-ng:261: recipe for target ‘build’ failed
    make[1]: *** [build] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb’
  • unmount_delete
  • /home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/scripts/ /home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/sysroot.arm /home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/sysroot.arm.img
  • set -e
  • target=/home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/sysroot.arm
  • image_file=/home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/sysroot.arm.img
  • sudo umount /home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/sysroot.arm/boot
  • sudo umount /home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/sysroot.arm
  • sleep 5
  • sudo kpartx -d /home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/sysroot.arm.img
    loop deleted : /dev/loop16
  • rm /home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/sysroot.arm.img
    /home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/packages/gcc-mb/Makefile:17: recipe for target ‘/home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/arm/microblazeel-xilinx-elf/bin/mb-gcc’ failed
    make: *** [/home/mass/Music/Pynq/sdbuild/build/gcc-mb/arm/microblazeel-xilinx-elf/bin/mb-gcc] Error 2

Anyone face this error before?
Please share your experience?

Please don’t create multiple accounts and post the same issue in different posts. You already have a post open for this. [Closing this one]