Pynq PyOpenCL support

Hello, I have a question about PyOpenCL support in Pynq.

Does Pynq support PyOpenCL or similar module?
I mean software kernel compilation and running them on CPU/GPU.

Thanks for info!

PYNQ doesn’t have support for PyOpenCL.
For embedded devices, you could try set it up yourself, it may work on the ARM processor. Any hardware needs to be bbuilt with Xilinx tools.

For Alveo PyOpenCL is providing a Python API for OpenCL calls. PYNQ for Alveo provides an alternative API for OpenCL calls to the accelerator.
If you want to use PyOpenCL for Alveo I think you would be using it instead of PYNQ, not with it.

It may help to have a look at the videos at the bottom of this page to get a better idea of what PYNQ for Alveo (or “compute acceleration”) can do:


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