PYNQ v3.0 (Belfast) Release

Hi everyone,

We just completed the v3.0 (Belfast) release. See the release notes here. New SD Card images are available here.

This is a major version release in that we are highlighting several updates:

  1. Board additions - we have added official support for the ZCU208 RFSoC platform and the Kria KR260. The KR260 support will show up shortly on the Kria-PYNQ repository.
  2. The separation of pynqutils for Python packaging of overlays independent of PYNQ.
  3. The separation of pynqmetadata for build-time introspection of Vivado designs - pynqmetadata runs on either ARM or x86 platforms.
  4. RFSoC-PYNQ is now available and is a merge of all our RFSoC platform support and packaging. See for details.

Blogs and demonstrators on the new boards using the new repositories will come out over the next few weeks.

We are also deprecating some features such as the PL server for multi-user scenarios and simplifying our 3rd party board SD building process to resolve licensing and overlay-rebuilding challenges we have seen from the community.

Finally, software packages and tools have been upgraded - we are deploying with Python 3.10, JupyterLab 3.4.4 and PYNQ-Linux with Ubuntu-based 22.04 packaging. Vivado and Petalinux tools are upgraded to 2022.1.

And finally, no runtime Python APIs are changing!

Thank you again to all our contributors, board partners and users.

The PYNQ team


I was going to ask you if if you had plans for supporting the KR260… I am very happy to see that it is now supported!
That answered my question before I even asked it.

Thank you! This looks like a great release, the Python and Linux update are much appreciated as well. I will try it immediately (on the Pynq-Z2).

great to hear - yes, we are wrapping up the KR and KV release now which we’ll announce here the forum … and the KR260 will show up on GitHub - Xilinx/Kria-PYNQ as a new target

I am delightful and grateful of all hard work releasing a better revision of PYNQ.
It is create a great platform to interact with program-logic and ARM on Xilinx SoC FPGA.

:+1: :+1: :+1:

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Nice work on the build system we normally have some issues building for our boards but 3.0 worked out of the box. pynqmetadata is a great addition, hardware introspection opens a lot of possibilities.