PYNQ-Z1, KeyError when downloading overlay


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i am using pynq -z1 board with 2.6 image
when I use the following command (import pynq
ol= pynq.Overlay(“/home/xilinx/pynq/overlays/vta/vta.bit”)) to download my bit file .I am facing an error .which I was running for the first time to download the bitstream file.I am also attaching the .bit and .hwh for reference.
vta.bit (3.9 MB)

vta.hwh (1.9 MB)


It is likely that the hwh file is corrupted. Did you try to import it again?


Hi @marioruiz
I also updated the hwh file and when I am generating the bitstream for my block design I didn’t face any error at that time.I also tried with different pynq images, but I am facing similar error.I am attaching my project where I am adding two ip blocks to the existing design to log the address while running the programme on my board. my new blocks or myipTimer and myipFetch which I first built for TE0802 board and with this board I was able to load the bitstream and read the address but when I create new project with pynq z7000 where I updated the comparability family to my blocks . I am facing the problem in downloading the bitstream.

I am using the scp file name and xilininx@ this function to copy the bit and hwh file into the overlay folder on board from the pc. (214.4 KB)


I took a look at the vta.hwh file that you provided and I could not see any Processing System modules in the design. In your IPI design did you include the Processing System for this overlay? Is there any chance you can send a screenshot of your IPI design?

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