Question on Upgrading PYNQ using a source distribution?

PYNQ v2.4
Board: ZCU102


I currently am using v2.4 and want to upgrade it to v2.5 using the source distribution file.

I am a bit confused with @gnatale answer on updating it with the 2.5 source distribution.

After downloading the sdist file, would we keep it on the host machine or move it to board through the Samba share folder?

Is there a specific folder on the PYNQ image that we should move it to through the Samba share folder system?

Now from reading the documentation below, I do believe I understand how to run the sdist file to upgrade my PYNQ version to 2.5 using the command below. Am I correct about this?

Also, this might be really simpleminded. If I wanted the v2.5 PYNQ packages, why not just copy and replace those PYNQ packages onto the board through the Samba share folder system?

Appreciate the help!

Source distribution is supported after 2.5 so you probably do not want to do it this way. I think reburning the image is the right way to do.

If I reburn the image to 2.5, then will I have to rebuild the Linux VM environment to be suitable to PYNQ v2.5.

Yes, but that process should be simplified by the vagrant file we provided.