Remote ssh command fails on pynq

Hi all,
I’m trying to execute a script located on my Pynq configured FPGA from a remote machine through ssh and I facing some issues.
My setup looks as below:

  • ZCU-104 FPGA with Pynq 3.0
  • SSH configured to accept root ssh connections
  • script named in which I basically load a bitstream
  • remote windows OS machine in which I execute remotelly a ssh command to my pynq fpga

The script fails all the times loading the bitstream. I was initially thinking than that would be happening because lack of root privileges but I am starting to think than that could be somehow related with pl_server service not running during ssh session.
I was wondering if anybody could help me to get to the bottom of this.
Best regards, Toni

Hi @anrusal,

Can you download the overlay from JupyterLab?

Are you sourcing the venv?


Hi @marioruiz ,
thanks for your fast response. I am sourcing venv before running the script.
When I connect to the FPGA with putty as root I am capable to run the script with no issues.
Please have a look of my script below, you migh spot something hopefully. script:
source /usr/local/share/pynq-venv/bin/activate
python /home/xilinx/

In the other hand the script is just as simple as this:

from pynq import Overlay
ol = Overlay( “/home/xilinx/fpga.bit”)

Regards, Toni

PYNQ needs to be run as root, to download an overlay and also to interact with the overlay.

This actually being done.
When I execute it through ssh remote command I actually do

“ssh root@pynq-ip -pw xilinx /home/xilinx/”

Since I am loging as root I don’t see why it doesn’t works.