RFSoC Gen3 Image?

I saw on pynq release 2.7, that gen3 rfsocs are supported. Will there be images released for specific gen3s eval boards (ie zcu 208, 216)? How can i port pynq to a custom board I am using?

The v2.7 PYNQ release supports the Gen 3 data converters. i.e the Python driver is provided.
We won’t release images for other board, but you can port PYNQ and generate your own image.

You can find a third party image for the ZCU216 here:

You can find info in the PYNQ docs about porting PYNQ to custom boards and info on these forums showing how to port PYNQ using pre-build images, and the ZCU216 port above could also be useful for you.