Serial communication with AC power supply

Good afternoon,

I would like to have support regarding the board PYNQ-Z2. Actually, I want to configure the power supply by sending different voltages and frequencies through a python code. The device support USB protocol and in order to connect the board to the device I need to know the port.
Could anyone help me with this please ?
Thank you

Do you mean your power supply has a USB interface and you want to know what the “port” is for the connected power supply?


Yes, I want to connect the PYNQ-Z2 board and the power supply via USB interface so I need to know the port exactly in order to connect and configure the power supply from the board through specific commands dveloped in python code.

Thank you

We won’t be able to give you much help. The device if supported will be connected to the PS (ARM).
You will need to check if the device is supported by Ubuntu running on ARM, and if you need to install a driver, then how you program it, if there is a command line interface or Python library for it.


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Thank you for your reply and help. I will check more on that to see if it works or not. Because, before connecting the device, I tried the test with my PC and it works fine even with PuTTY, but couldn’t import pyserial ( I already installed the package) …


Ok, if it is a serial device, you may be able to see it in /dev or try one of these:
dmesg | grep tty
dmesg | grep -i serial
dmesg | grep -i FTDI


Yes, it’s a serial device. Okay, I’ll try this method.
Thank you very much for your support



I will suggest you ask with a datasheet or a module document shared here (unless there are any NDA concern) so we can directly know what you really need next time.

Turns out it is just a simple UART device under Linux.