Spark application on PYNQ

Hi all,
The thing is that i got an application about machine learning with spark which use cluster mode to accelerate calculation so that i set up several boards to form one cluster .
However, spark application with cluster mode would check user in cluster whether has root privilege or not. Unfortunately, PYNQ user, xilinx, has no root privilege so that the application would fail to run.
Based on my experiment, i got no idea to change it successfully.
Does there is a way to change user xilinx to have root privilege?
Thank a lot for your help.

sudo usermod -a -G sudo xilinx

If you want to grant passwordless sudo access:

sudo visudo

then edit the file and add this line


You should also be able to grant sudo access to xilinx by directly doing the sudo visudo step.

Try and let us know.

Hi @gnatale,

After typing ‘sudo usermod -a -G sudo xilinx’, user xilinx still has no root privilege and I still must use sudo first.

For example,

Could it have something to do with PYNQ version or not?

I use release version v2.5 relatives to petalinux 2019.1.

Is it ‘sudo’ group or ‘wheel’ in Ubuntu?

hi @patocarr
There is just only root ALL(ALL:ALL) ALL in /etc/sudoers. No found wheel group.

you still have to use sudo, you have sudo rights but you need to elevate privileges anyway!

EDIT: I don’t exactly understand what is that you are trying to achieve, so take a look at this,
It may contain the info you need

EDIT2: besides, I think xilinx user already has sudo access (or you would not be able to use sudo with that user) what you are probably trying to do is to give root privileges, not sudo access, so read the link I have shared and give it a go!

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Hi @gnatale
Big thank you!!! Yes, i also can not use sudo at my worker node in cluster. Because in spark, program automatically executes at worker node. So i need root privilege. :smile: