Timing Analysis on PYNQ-Z2

I have been working on pynq-z2 for quite a long time now, I implemented AES-128 on pynq and used it to encrypt images mostly brain tumor images.
Now I want to do analysis of the algorithm I tried power analysis using oscilloscope, but oscilloscope was not showing any deflection.
So now I am doing timing analysis of the algorithm can anybody help me or any leads to a roadmap how can I do the timing analysis.

Hi @Greek_Sachdeva,

I moved the post to Support.

Can you clarify what do you mean with timing analysis? Is this profiling the execution time?Static Timing Analysis in Vivado? Or something different


Hi @marioruiz , thanks for moving the post to support.

I want to do the side channel attack on the implemented aes 128 for images.

Side Channel Attack:
Any physical channel that can leak information about a security measure.
Attacks that analyse and exploit information learned from side channels to derive
secret information.


  • Power consumption
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Sound
  • Heat
  • Timing of operations

Now I tried power analysis using PYNQ Z2 using following steps:

  • Connected a small resistor in series with power supply or ground.
  • Observe power consumption during crypto operation.
  • Digitise power measurements.
  • Analyse measurements to determine secret.

But I was not able to get deflection in oscilloscope(idk how to use pynq and oscilloscope).

So in short I want to do the side channel analysis it can be using power or time, it will be great if anyone can help.