Vitis ai ssd mobilenet v1 quantized problem

Hi, I have trained my ssd mobilenet v1 using tensorflow and froze the model into .pb file.
Than I want to quantize it using vitis ai 1.1.2 tensorflow environment.
But there is one thing confused me

The img above is part of the config of the code.
I am wondering what does output_node mean?
I use the command !vai_q_tensorflow inspect --input_frozen_graph=frozen_inference_graph.pb to see my node name of ssd mobilenet v1 graph. The following is my observation.

It does not seem the same as the vitis ai output node, what can i do to quantize .pb successfully?
Any advice would be appreciated!!

This isn’t a PYNQ question. You should try post on the Xilixn forums (in Vitis AI section):